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Burnett’s Flooring Services prides itself in providing quality vinyl flooring in Jamestown NY and has been doing it in style for over 15 years. Burnett’s would like to welcome you to an exciting land of marvelous vinyl flooring which combines an impressive range of colors, finishes and textures in order to create the looks that is unique to your style and home. Burnett’s sells and installs vinyl flooring that is guaranteed to last for many, many years to come. Moreover, Burnett’s is here to give your floors and spaces a different look. Stop in and visit our showroom in Lakewood NY.
Tarkett Flooring Sold and Installed by Burnett's Flooring Services

Tarkett Flooring

Tarkett is a worldwide leader in making first-class flooring materials and providing sports surface solutions. Tarkett's patterns, colors, formats and quality in flooring can create a healthy and carefree living spaces; they create what can be described as the magic that transforms houses into warm homes and allow people to express their pride, tastes and traditions.

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong is a company that will offer you flooring that will inspire you to live the quality of life you have always dreamt of living. From the kitchen to the bedroom, there is a wide variety of floor styles and designs meant to offer you the most beautiful floors you will see anywhere. Armstrong products are designed with functional qualities such as noise reduction and slip resistance.
Armstrong Vinyl Floors installed and sold by Burnett's Flooring Services in our Lakewood NY showroom
Burnett’s flooring services brings the timeless beauty of natural vinyl flooring to your home or commercial place without the hassles. Our experienced staff is here to help you install your vinyl floors for you within the shortest time possible.

Before choosing a flooring expert/material, ask yourself this question: “what would you like your floor to say about you?” Burnett’s Flooring Services has the perfect answer.

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