Marazzi Tiles and Flooring

Marazzi is a leading manufacturer of tiles and flooring materials in the United State and has been offering world-class floor and wall solutions to the North Americans for over three decades now.marazi

Marazzi operates main retail and manufacturing in many countries, making it one of the best international flooring and Wall Company. The company was founded in Italy and was able to expand its operations to other continents due to the demand of its products. As a matter of fact, it is among the world’s best providers of tile for both floor and wall.

Finest, Highest Quality Tiles

Marazzi makes a vast array of beautiful, fine and high quality products—glazed ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass mosaic and natural stones. We stock all kinds of Marazzi products. Stop by Burnett’s Flooring services and discover some of the highest quality tiles and products available.

Marazzi has ensured that you get a tile solution suitable to your home floor or wall for just about any commercial or residential space there is. It is no wonder that Marazzi has gained worldwide recognition as there are options perfect for almost any style and space. In short, any home or commercial space can benefit by applying tiles from Marazzi into its spaces because it creates an atmosphere of sophistication and beauty.

Our tile collections from Marazzi are truly stunning and are capable of revolutionizing the look of your home.

Marazzi Porcelain

Marazzi proclean


Marazzi Porcelain tiles include the following:

Aida, American Estate, Archaelogy, Artea Stone, Campione, Cimmaron, Essentials, I Porfidi Di Marazzi, Jade, Riflessi Di Legno, Soho, stone collections, solaris, saturnia, super Saltillo, tosca, vesale stone and walnut canyon.



Marazzi Ceramic

Marazzi ceramic


Marazz Ceramic includes the following tiles:

Arctic bay, imperial slate, Samatra, Province, Stone age 






Marazzi Glass

marazzi glass stone


Marazzi glass include:

CatwalkCrystal StoneCrystal Stone II