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Tarkett Flooring

Tarkett is a worldwide leader in making first-class flooring materials and providing sports surface solutions. Tarkett’s patterns, colors, formats and quality in flooring can create healthy and carefree living spaces; they create what can be described as the magic that transforms houses into warm homes and allow people to express their pride, tastes and traditions. This is what makes tarkett a global leader in flooring and athletic services.


The products produced are suitable for home owners and contractors and architects who want to create a sophisticated space that reveals their fine taste and preference. A lot of what Tarkett makes comes from sustainable materials.

Tarkett produces a number of products suitable for: Housing, Office, Education, Health Care, Sports, and Retail. The products are people friendly in terms of the quality and usability. That is, the company produces Slip-Resistant and static control products in order to increase the safety levels of the building. Also, the unique surface treatments make it easy to clean the materials. It goes without saying Tarkett’s materials have low VOC emissions hence making them environmentally friendly.

Some of the products by Tarkett include the following: Vinyl Flooring, Linoleum Flooring, Rubber Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Wood Flooring, Artificial Turf, and Other Athletic Services.

Tarkett products are known for three things: Ease of installation, durability and consistently superior qualities. The highest standards of manufacturing are applied when producing Tarkett flooring materials.