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Somerset Hardwood Flooring

If you haven’t heard about Somerset, you are dealing with a privately owned company that specializes in producing hardwood flooring materials. The company is committed to serving its customers in the best possible way.  For over 20 years, Somerset has been offering world-class products in the hardwood industry, building a strong reputation when it comes to manufacturing quality Appalachian lumber and unfinished flooring.


Somerset epitomizes the modern culture in fancy flooring. You are simply looking at one of the finest hardwood flooring available today in the form of fine oak, maple, hickory, ash, and walnut hardwood floors. From rustic character to sleek modern styles and highly textured choices, Somerset offers you the kind of flooring that inspires your imagination and makes your space just what you wanted.


Somerset is certainly one the largest suppliers of Kiln-Dried Appalachian hardwoods in America. The majority of the company’s products come from the nearby sawmill suppliers (within 150-mile radius). The company is also committed to safe environment standards and production of quality, durable products.

The products include: Color Strip, Homestyle, High Gloss, Classic, Character, Specialty, Wide Plank, Color Plank