Laminate Flooring

When it comes to interior style, laminate floors continue to be an excellent choice for any home or commercial space. Burnett’s Flooring Services has been faithfully serving its clients for 15 years. Laminate offers durability, affordability and ease to clean advantage. There are various laminate flooring designs ranging from swirling wood grains to tile and stone.. It is important to note that laminate floors are constructed with four layers: Top layer (mostly beautiful finish and protects against stains, surface burns and fading), design layer which features natural hardwood designs, core layer which is made of recycled wood fiber and bottom layer which acts a moisture barrier.
Formica Laminate Flooring sold and professionally installed by Burnett's Flooring Services. Visit our Lakewood NY showroom
Kraus laminate floors sold and installed by Burnett's Flooring Services. We Serve the Jamestown NY area from our Lakewood NY showroom.

Formica Flooring

Find the prefect flooring for your home and office space. Formica Laminate Flooring is a formidable laminate brand that provides perfect laminate flooring for you families and commercial spaces. Laminate flooring from Formica is much more durable than any other flooring plan.

Kraus Flooring

Kraus Flooring provides beautiful laminate flooring solutions to families. Kraus flooring ensures that there are variations of color, texture, tone and graining to choose from
Interior design changes all the time and it can be difficult to stay on trend with having to spend a lot of money. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice style and functionality. That is why you need a flooring service that is conscious of your need for affordable flooring with limited budget. If you want a laminate floor installed onto your floor, talk to our customer representatives and you will get a quote.

Before choosing a flooring expert/material, ask yourself this question: “what would you like your floor to say about you?” Burnett’s Flooring Services has the perfect answer.

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