Flooring Supplies

Burnett’s Flooring Services has been serving professional installers for over 15 years. Flooring supplies from Burnett’s are sourced from top manufacturers and are of the highest quality. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial flooring materials around Lakewood and Jamestown, we have assembled the best flooring materials for you. We have a lot of pride in serving our clients with integrity, professionalism and excellence. We always endeavor to provide you with the best flooring products and services that fit your unique design needs.
Flooring Grout - Buy Flooring Supplies at Burnett's Flooring Service


One of the most important parts of tiling job is grouting. Grouting transforms your floor from looking like individual tiles to something complete. If you have an existing surface that needs rework, you need to remove the old grout. Generally, different types of grouts for different applications exist.
Floor And Tile Mortar


Mortar helps to stick your tiles together so that they can stay intact for many years to come. Selecting the best mortar for your flooring project ensures that your floor stays strong for many years to come.
Floor Boards - Flooring Supplies Sold By Burnett's Flooring Service, Lakewood NY

Flooring Boards

Floorboards help in protecting your floor from retaining moisture, which may destroy your floor within a very short time. It Floorboards are also going to ensure that your floor remains a little bit warmer during the winter.
Schulter Underlayment


Schulter is an underlayment specifically designed for stone and tile. When tiling a floor, proper movement joints and transition profiles should be installed to protect the tiles against in stress resulting from movements.
Wall Base

Wall Base

A wall bases a little accessory that makes a big difference in terms of perfecting the transition between floors and walls. There are different types of wall base that impact differently on the appearance of your interior space.
Apart from the type of flooring you choose to install, it is very important to apply the correct finishing touches in order to bring out the best in your floor.