Engineered Flooring

For many people, engineered flooring might just be the perfect solution. Therefore, you might need the services of Burnett’s Flooring Services to install engineered floor on your floor. Engineered hardwood is a real wood and tends to be less susceptible to expanding and shrinking with changes in humidity and temperature than solid wood. It is also relatively more stable and durability. The stability and durability of engineered wood is made possible by the fact that multiple wood layers are constructed during installation.

Somerset Flooring

Somerset Flooring offers you endless hardwood flooring options to choose for your room including high gloss, textures, color plank and traditional hardwood floors.
We sell and provide professional installation of Somerset Floors engineered hardwood flooring. Serving the Jamestown NY area through our new Lakewood NY showroom

Kraus Flooring

Kraus Flooring provides beautiful engineered hardwood flooring solutions to families. Kraus flooring ensures that there are variations of color, texture, tone and graining to choose from in order to provide customized floors. Whether you are looking for solid or engineered, species, stain colors, designs and texture, you will find all of them at Kraus Hardwood Floorin
Kraus Flooring engineered hardwood flooring sold and installed by Burnett's Flooring Service - Serving the Jamestown NY area from our Lakewood NY Showroom
We sell and professionally install Urban Floors engineered hardwood floors for the Jamestown NY area. Visit our Lakewood NY showroom.

Urban Floor

Urban Floor introduces you to an exciting world of interior floor designs because they are excited about providing you with excellent engineered flooring materials. There are endless options to choose from to compliment the design of your home.
Burnett’s Flooring Services is waiting to serve you as best as they can at an affordable price. If you have been dreaming about having that engineered floor in your home, this is the time to actually act upon that dream.

Before choosing a flooring expert/material, ask yourself this question: “what would you like your floor to say about you?” Burnett’s Flooring Services has the perfect answer.

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