Bella Cera Flooring

Bella Cera offers the most stunning hardwood floors at an affordable price. Bella Cera hardwoods are made from old Italian tradition. They are also made from uncompromising source wood selection that is designed to provide you with final floor finish. Bella Cera ensures that the hardwood floors are painstakingly hand-crafted, one board at a time to produce the best floor. Although floors from Bella Cera are among the very best, they are priced affordably enough for the average home owner who appreciates fine quality.     bella cera

Bella Cera differentiates itself from many hardwood flooring brands who deceptively claim that their products are hand-crafted when in fact they are scraped using machines. However, as a discerning consumer, you can easily tell that out flooring materials are the best. You don’t have to settle for the average when you can get a premium floor from Bella Cera.

The floors come in a range of woods and floors organized into many series that are based on wood types, construction and plank sizes. One major selling point of Bella Cera floors is that they feature aluminum oxide-based Valspar finishes to protect the wood and enhance its beauty without interfering with the environment. As a matter of fact, the finishes used by Bella Cera are free of harmful VOCs

The finish of the floor is what makes the difference between a great floor and a low-quality floor that’s why Bella Cera has ensured you a floor that is UV protected in order to prevent bleaching and discoloration as a result of direct sunlight.