If you are looking for an inexpensive residential and commercial backsplashes, visit us today to check the various options we have. Burnett’s Flooring Services offers limitless design possibilities, including styles and colors that fit into your personality. For over 15 years, Burnett’s Flooring Services has been helping customers to choose the right materials for their residential and commercial spaces.
Glass Backsplashes

Large Selection of Glass

Glass offers solution to having a gorgeous atmosphere for your space such as the kitchen. It is the perfect material that offers both functionality and beauty. You can explore various glass backslash ideas and install and attractive and efficient backslash in your kitchen without having to spend d a fortune.
Glass Stone Blended Backsplashes

Glass Stone Blends

Glass stone blends provide the look of a modern glass tile of natural stone. What glass stone blends offers you is an innovative fusion of glass and stone which will add appeal and depth to your design ideas. Kitchen is where glass stone blends are commonly installed and it has been proven to provide unique design look.
Crushed Glass Mosaic Backsplashes

Crushed Glass Mosaics

We have a large selection of crashed high end glass mosaics you can use to install into your kitchen space. You can purchase sheets of the mosaic pieced in various colors. The number of glass pieces you need will obviously depend on the size of your space.
Metal Backsplashes


Metal backsplashes are generally functional, especially when it comes to the kitchen. They provide an easy-to-clean surface that keeps your space shinny and clean. A distinctive metal backsplash can add beauty and a splash of decorative functionality to your kitchen.
Backsplashes are very attractive, cheap and easy-to-clean alternative to your kitchen space. If you decide to purchase glass tiles for your kitchen, Burnett’s Flooring Services can help you get the best materials that suit your design needs.