There are hundreds of flooring options being offered by Armstrong to satisfy all the needs of commercial or residential home owners. Armstrong’s hardwoods are made from many wood species ranging from classic oaks to tropical woods.

Those who are looking for a modern tile look without the tile feel should check out the various flooring options available at Armstrong. Armstrong’s wide array of flooring styles and types are designed to offer you the most diverse collections of floors.


Armstrong tiles are expertly designed and crafted with a strong durability ready to withstand any pressures of a busy environment. There is a large selection of hardwood flooring options available to assist you choose the best color, style or type that’s suitable for your home.

Hardwood floors from Armstrong give homeowners the beautiful designs and intricacy of premier hardwood flooring. So, install Armstrong flooring anywhere in your home and bring out the best in your home environment.

Flooring options available by Armstrong include the following:


Armstrong hardwood floors are expertly crafted using the best exotic and domestic hardwoods. The hardwoods are sanded to smooth perfection.


Armstrong laminate flooring products have authentic textures and distinctive grains. They are also designed to create a dramatic design and beauty.  The beauty of Armstrong laminate floors is that they are durable and attractive at the same time.


Armstrong vinyl flooring is known for its versatile variety of designs. You can find a wide variety of stylish and durable vinyl sheet flooring that matches your décor.