Arley Wholesale

Arley WHolesaleArley Wholesale has established itself as one the leading providers of stone and tile products for both residential and commercial use. Arley Wholesale specializes in providing both subtle and fancy tile pieces for your residential or commercial space.

Whether you are looking for flooring materials for your outdoor or indoor flooring materials, you will find the appropriate material for you at Arley Wholesale. The company stocks both wall and floor materials that you can use to transform your residential or commercial space.

Types of Arley flooring and wall materials available

Porcelain: this is a glazed or unglazed vitreous tiles, loved by many that are used in both interior and exterior designs. It is made from an extremely fine porcelain clay composition that produces a fine tile that is impervious and dense and is frost resistant.

Ceramic: this is a glazed unit made from clays and other ceramic materials heated to produce a dense body.

Natural Stone: This is the natural stone that is mined from the earth.