American Olean

American Olean is a premier provider of beautiful tile option for both commercial and residential spaces. The company specializes in providing products that are not only quality, but products that will satisfy the requirements for various projects that need to incorporate green materials. In other words, American Olean can provide customers with exquisite tile floor options and yet keep the environment safe.

American Olean provides tiles products for kitchen, Hallways, bathrooms, living areas, pools $ Spas and bedrooms as well as materials suitable for office, retail, hospitality, restaurant and public places


American Olean Porcelain Flooring



Porcelain products include the following:

Amber Valley, Arbor House, Avante, Bevalo, Bordeaux, Castlegate, Danya, Kendal Slate,Laurel Heights, Mirasol, Montego, Stone Claire, Torre Venato, Treymont, Urban Tones, Vallano.







American Olean Quarry Flooring




Quarry Products include the following:

Quarry Naturals, Quarry Tile





Floor and Wall

American Olean Quarry Flooring


Floor and Wall products include the following:

Ash Creek, Avante, Belmar, Bevalo,  Bordeaux, Castlegate, Costa Rei, Danya, Decorum, Entity, Infusion, Laurel Heights, Method, Mirasol, Pozzalo, Salcedo, Stone Claire, Sure Step II & Paver, Thresholds & Windowsills.







 Glass and Metal

American Olean Glass & Metal Tile


Glass and Metal Products include the following:

Garden Oasis, Legacy Glass, Morello, Refined Metals, Saxon Metals, Visionaire.










Mosaic Products include the following:

Amber Valley, Avenue One, Belmar, Bordeaux, Chloé,  Danya, Garden Oasis, Hennessey Place, Laurel Heights, Legacy Glass, Lyndhurst Mosaics, Morello, Pozzalo, Refined Metals, Satinbrites, Satinglo, Shadow Bay, St. Germain, Torre Venato, Unglazed ColorBody, Porcelain Mosaics, Visionaire. 






Others include:  Finishing Touches, Pool Elements, Sure S, Stone

American Olean is committed to quality and affordability.